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  1. Need help formulating Nursing Dx.

    Pt. has Crohns Dz. I know hematology & GI problems are vital to address, but both of these would be resolved if he understood his disease & could afford his meds (can't, so doesn't take them), so I am focusing on psychosocial problems.

    Any ideas what I should use? I tried ineffectual coping, but he WOULD cope if could afford to....and tried Health Maintenance Alteration, but that's more community than individual-based.

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  3. by   theblondeone
    I had a similar situation with a psych pt I was care planning for. He couldn't afford his meds (>$600 a month) so he had been labeled "noncompliant" by admin. I hate that word. After discussing it with my instructor, I used "knowledge deficit" related to pt not being aware of community, government and social programs able to assist in the funding of medications, treatments, etc. Also used ineffective support systems because he wasn't hooked up with a case manager who could steer him in the right direction and was relying on his mother to do find these services for him. Mom was ill equipt to do this for him. May not work for your patient, but it's something to think about.
  4. by   MsShell
    MAn, you guys are QUICK. Just found this forum last week, but am loving it! And those were great ideas! I went with a Knowledge Deficit one since he has a deficit r/t finding community resources and support (has a young girlfriend & he's only 25 - but no one else).

    Thanks again!...Shell