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So I know I'm posting all over this board all my questions-but I guess thats what this is here for. So I don't mind doing all these care plans and such, but my question is-do you actually do these as... Read More

  1. by   KatieBell
    like most of the others nanda is not really used at any of the facilities i have worked at. i work in the ed.

    my understanding regarding nanda is that it is a high interest (of course) in nursing to be recognized as a profession, not an occupation. somewhere i read once that to be considered a profession there must be a specific vocabulary/body of knowledge attached to it. though wikipedia defines profession as this:

    in a more restrictive sense, profession often refers specifically to fields that require extensive study and mastery of specialized knowledge, such as law, medicine, finance, the military, nursing, the clergy or engineering. in this sense, profession is contrasted with occupation, which refers generally to the nature of a person's employment.

    i actually think nursing dx are very useful for students who are trying to learn the different issues facing types of patients. i do not find them very useful in my current job in the would take me forever to get all potential nursing dx written down, and i agree with wildman, some of them: energy field disturbance :uhoh21: well, whatever!
    i also agree with tweety- in a sense, a lot of what we do is related to a nursing dx- but a lot of it is unconcious.