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I have a question about the nursing program curriculum. (Let's see if I can explain and ask my question where it makes sense. LOL) Here is an example of the first semester (once you complete the... Read More

  1. by   KristaB
    I also got all of my non-nursing courses out of the way first. It makes life a lot easier not having to worry about anything other than nursing courses.

    As for the financial aid, my program expects that most students will have the support classes done and be doing fewer than 12 credits in the nursing requirements (the minimum required to be considered full time for financial aid is 12 credits), so they offer an elective nursing course each quarter to make up for it (this quarter it's Women's Health, which I'm taking to get my 12 credits). Another quarter, they offer a community health course, another is advanced IV therapy. They make them so that they fit into the course schedule, unlike most of the other liberal arts courses on campus.

  2. by   shyviolet78

    I don't know when the info sessions this semester are but they usually have 3 per semester. Last semester they were on September 26, October 17, and November 28. The number to call for this semester's sessions is (972) 860-4709. El Centro's website has alot of information about the nursing program and the program at Brookhaven is just a satellite of the El Centro program, so maybe checking there could answer some questions for you too.