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  1. I am an ADN nursing student in my second semester of the program. I have the option of testing for the state boards over the summer or applying for an extern position. I am currently working at local hospital as a patient care technician in acute rehab in a geriactric hospital. I am looking for a change of pace and more money as well. Any opinions or options would be greatly appreciated. :chuckle
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  3. by   nursy_ann
    That's exactly my situation! I'm doing my 2nd year of nursing ...working as a patient care technician too on a psychiatric hospital. I make good money doing this but I could have an extern position with the same salary....what should I do????? ahhhhhhhhhhh CanT' decide what's the best for me!
  4. by   Brown Suga
    Well I have been talking with nurses and instructor. I have decide to go for the nurse extern. I might sit for the PN exam to get the practice and reduce test anxiety for the RN exam. Thanks Ann for replying.

  5. by   xantha31669
    I am first year student in an ADN program. I was lucky enough to get an externship over winter break (they usually go to 2nd year students) I would recommend it if it is like the one I had. I was assigned to one nurse and "shadowed" her. I was not part of the "counts" and was able to learn alot. I did med/surg and it was great for learming how to organize my time and prioritize things. It was agreat experience.
  6. by   Brown Suga
    Thank you for your reply. I believe I am going to go for the extern position and turn in my application to test for the PN boards over the summer. I applying for the extern position soon so I can get started.

    Marlita :P
  7. by   StudentSandra
    Good luck Marlita, do you have to take an "LPN exit" type class to take the PN boards. Here at my school we do. Think I'm just gonna take the summer off, I am ready for a break.
  8. by   Brown Suga
    Hello Sandra,

    At my school we don't have to take the PN board. The school gives us the option, but the school recommends taking the boards to gain experience on testing. The hospital I work for offers tuition remeburstment to the fulltime and partime employees. I am planning filing in order to be paid for taking the boards.