nurse extern?

  1. hi, everyone! i am kinda new here (i am just finishing up my sophomore year here in good 'ole indiana ), and i have a question for some of you more 'seasoned' nursing students. i just got a job as a nurse extern for the summer, and i am pretty unclear about what exactly i will be doing. have any of you worked as nurse externs? what kind of things did you do? any piece of advice i should know before starting my job?

    thanks, guys!! have a great week! :kiss
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  3. by   valaferdi
    Hi Jillianrose,

    I have worked as a clinical assistant after my first year in school, maybe that is similar to the nurse extern. I was able to help with dressing changes, start IV's, basically your simple procedures. I have found though it all depends on the facility where you will be working and their policy. I really have enjoyed my work as a clinical assistant and am looking forward to graduating this May.
    Hopefully I helped you out a little.
  4. by   Miss_Layla
    Hi Jillian,
    I am very new to this.....this is my first post I just applied for a student nurse externship. I am just finishing my junior year in a BSN program. If accepted, I will be functioning as a nurse but I will not be able to pass meds. I will be doing assessments, charting, etc...I will be have my own patients. I do know that for this position I had to complete my med-surg clinical. I hope this helps Any experience will help you with school. I have worked as a CNA for the last 4 years and I am so glad I did. Good luck!