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I have a question and hope I can get some good feedback from this thread. Here's the deal- My husband (of almost 23 years) decided he thought it would be a good idea to divorce during my first... Read More

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    Yes, I do feel like my world is falling apart and I thought if I could just drown myself in studying I could forget about the pain. I know you are right. I need to work through the heartache and actually deal with this. This year is a wash as far as school goes. If I begin again next fall then I will only be one year behind my class and I will probably be much better off. I just feel like I am going to lose my mind. I was so busy with school and now I am so NOT. I have found a job working part-time but not in the medical field because I don't really have any training in that. All my schooling has been basic classics. I would like to work in a hospital but wouldn't know where to start. I have gone to the WorkForce Commission and maybe I can get my CNA- which would be quick. If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them...
    Yes, it is tough to not have something to divert your attention and energy towards. I feel like (especially mommies and nurses) do not do well with idle time, we need to keep ourselves busy and productive! But usually with these nursing programs. It's all or nothing: if only you could do one class right now, that was low impact (ha ha ha, like there are any of those!).