Northlake/El Centro FALL '07 - Post here!

  1. Congratulations on receiving the "fat packet" to Northlake/El Centro's Fall 2007 ADN program!!!!! I thought I would take the opportunity to start a thread for us to have a "pre-orientation meeting place" as many of our seniors have done. I look forward to hearing from you all!


    See ya soon!
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  3. by   PreNurseKirk
    Hi Rachael! I am in the ECC Fall '07 group. Are you NL or ECC? Have you taken the HPRS 1204 course? I am in a Sat/Sun course presently.

    ~ Bridget
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    I know I've already said it, but congrats! It's so neat to see another thread started

    If you need anything, we are here for you!
  5. by   the_old_guy
    Congrats! What campus are you going to be attending?
  6. by   spoiled_lil_sister
    I'll be attending at Northlake's campus. I have been enrolled in HPRS during the spring semester, so I'm almost through. It's a great course to make sure that this is what you want to do (and our class has gotten to meet some of the other nursing instructors too, so that's a huge plus!) before you begin the real nitty-gritty. Best of luck to everyone that is taking it this summer!

    Since my original post, I am aware of 5 others that will be in our class (3 at NL, 2 @ EC). It will be great to meet you all at orientation! Have a great & fun-filled summer before we dedicate our lives away for two years!

    Something to think about:
    If you have the $95, I would highly recommend purchasing the Nurse Pac that the SNA is selling on the day of orientation (June 26th I think off the top of my head?). This will include a Littmann stethoscope & blood pressure cuff, etc = GREAT DEAL!!! I shopped around a long time to find my Littmann Classic Select II for $95 with tax, so it's exciting to know that I can get it plus all of the other goodies for the same price. Maybe get a cheapie stethoscope from Brown's Pharmacy (in the hospital & Medical Office Building II @ Baylor of Irving) that sells for $5.95 to use for HPRS 1204 since you will probably have your practice & skills check-off prior to orientation where the sets will be sold. Just a thought, take it or leave it.
  7. by   Mustang Sally
    I'll be starting Northlake's program fall '07. I am ready to jump in and get to work! Congratulations to everyone! I can't wait to meet you all at orientation. Have a fun summer.
  8. by   the_old_guy
    Mustang and Spoiled, I'll see you both on the 26th of June. Look for the "old guy."
  9. by   the_old_guy
    Mustang and Spoiled, I'll see you all tomorrow...
  10. by   Mustang Sally
    Yay! Looking forward to it!
  11. by   the_old_guy
    When I get there, I'm going to call out "Mustang Sally!" Yes, I'm serious!! You better respond...
  12. by   Mustang Sally
    That's so funny b/c I was gonna holler out "OLD GUY!" lmao
  13. by   JaxiaKiley
    Does anyone still check this thread? How did ya'll do?
  14. by   Mustang Sally
    I sometimes do...I did great on my final and I'm ready for break before our Pedi OB/Gyn semester! :spin: