NLN Enterance Exam

  1. Hi All - I am studying at the moment for the NLN enterance exam. I am so stressed about it because I know it can be a major road blocker for me. Can someone please give me some insight into this test and maybe tell me which area's to really refresh upon? Thank you!!
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  3. by   Dabuggy

    At my college we have to take the NLN for each class. If we don't pass the NLN we must retake that class. I found the NLN to be close to the NCLEX test. You can get a CD of the NCLEX at most libraries in the NCLEX books. Refresh on meds, Peds, OB, Med-surge, Math. The CD is good because it will give you instant answers and refresh your memory. Someone may know a website for a NLN.