Nic & NOC Books

  1. I am looking for nic and noc books used for careplans. We are required to use these only. Anyone have a set they would like to sell, or know where I can get them?

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  3. by   boggle
    I bet you can order them on-line or from a university book store. Even Barnes and Noble will special order for you.

    I have the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Judith Wilkinson.

    Some schools use the 3 books that go together that are more complete than the Wilkinson,
    -Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Aclkey and Ladwig (for NANDA)
    -Iowa Outcomes Project- Nursing Outcomes Classification, editors Johnson, Mass and Moorhead (for NOC)
    -Iowa Intervention Project- Nursing Interventions Classification, editors McCloskey and Bulechek (for NIC).

    Good luck with your search.
  4. by   Lisa1970
    Yup those are the three that I need. I will keep looking Thanks