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  1. I was a very sucessful 3rd year nursing student last year. I encountered a string of personal tradgeties that caused my grades in one particular class to dip below a C, and was given the boot. its my own fault for not taking a leave of absence, but what can you do.

    Since then I've applied to 5 public colleges, and was rejected. My grades are pretty good, I'm pulling a solid 3.0. What gives with not being able to get into any of these schools? Am I going to have to "buy" my way back into the system by going to a private college? Is there any advice anyone can give me before I start going thru the "private" circuit to make my search more sucessful? Will the private schools be easier to get into?...cost is really not an issue.

    Can anyone tell me any good nursing schools in the NJ/NJ area that are ...somewhat easy to get into? I'm desperate.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS - I live in NY)
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  3. by   guiltysins
    If you've applied to the CUNY/SUNY schools then a 3.0 won't be enough. Unfortunately their programs are so limited that the cut off for most GPA's are over a 3.6. I actually left the CUNY system for not being able to comepete with the competition. Your best bet will probably be private schools, I had to and I got in. Private schools are definetely easier to get into as they have more seats to offer because their tuition is steep.

    Some schools you may want to look into:
    Adelphi Univeristy
    Long Island Univeristy
    Molloy College

    I attend one of them and from what I've heard these are the easiest programs to be accepted into in New York City if you are looking for bachelor degrees. All of which accept over 100 students every year.
  4. by   horsesandhounds
    Try Ocean County College One Day A Week program In Toms River NJ. They Are still accepting applactions for spring 2010.
  5. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I don't know this with certainty but I'd guess that it's even a little harder to get in if you've already been disenrolled from another program.

    If you've applied to all the public schools and haven't made it in then I'd think you're best (and perhaps only) chance is to look at the private schools, many of which are easier to get in to due to the high cost.