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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if their is any other way to study for the NET with out buying the NET study guide. would a GED book safice?
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  3. by   abmsam
    I don't think so. Although I've never seen a GED book, the NET study guide is EXACTLY the same as the test. In my opinion, if you feel that you need to study for the test, the study guide is imperative.
  4. by   Star101
    Thanks =) i'll look into it
  5. by   abmsam
    If you don't mind having a used NET study guide, check Ebay. That's where I bought mine, and I actually sold it there once I was finished with it. It should definitely cost much less than a new one. Hope that helps!
  6. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Um, the NET test didn't have much to do with nursing. It was reading comprehension, algebra, personality questions, some general science. I think a GED book would suffice just fine. I didn't use any study aids and passed with flying colors. It was just general questions. Good luck to you.

  7. by   Mamma Tessy
    Have you tried here:
    Study Guides
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  8. by   abmsam
    Jennifer is correct. It is pretty basic, but many people like to take practice tests, etc, before sitting for the actual exam. And the NET Study guide is written by the same company that writes the test, therefore is in the same format. Like I said, if you feel that you need to study for it, in my opinion, the study guide is your best bet.