Need to Vent

  1. We had our nursing fundamental final exam yesterday. I will be surprised if I passed it. It was the worst test I've ever taken in my life.

    We knew it was cumulative. No problem. We figured it would be similar to the first two exams, only longer. We were not told otherwise. Boy were we wrong!!! It had a lot of content that we'd never covered, was not in our notes and not in the book. There were very specific questions on drugs and procedures, not the critical-thinking-figure-it-out type things. I've talked to over 40 people about it, and they all agree with me. We have no idea what was going on.

    The only thing we could think of is we have to take a CAP test next week and this exam was set up to be like that. Only we weren't prepared at all for that switch.

    I needed a 35 on this exam to get a C for the class. I'm not even sure I did that. I'm so frustrated right now, I could scream. But I won't because I've got to study for the other 6 exams coming up, Christmas shop, and help get my in-laws ready to move from PA to their new assissted living facilities her in MD. (That's a whole story in itself).

    Anyway, thanks for listening. I just needed to get that out before I could settle down to the books.
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  3. by   momangel29
    For some reason in nursing school teachers don't feel the need to clue you in on what is on an exam. I myself have taken this realization very hard.
    What you need to do is figure out your teacher's style and personality.Unfortunately sometimes you don't figure that out until after the first test.
    I am with you. I go through this every semester and I am set to graduate in December. Have faith in yourself and the rest of it comes.