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  1. hi everybody--just a quick ?? im taking tech writing and my assignment is to pick something unique from nursing and write a 4 paragraph essay --an expanded definition--im not asking how to do it--lol i understand that--i just need some ideas--we have probably 35 in class and probably 20 are nursing majors --so i dont want to pick the same as anyone else--like blood pressure kit, digital thermometer, etc--any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks alot
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    So, from your examples, I'm assuming it has to be some type of tool or instrument used in nursing? You have to write a 4 paragraph expanded definition of things like thermometers and bp cuffs?

  4. by   researchrabbit
    How about correct use of sharps containers? Amazes me how often they are hung incorrectly or left on the floor or people stick their fingers in it trying to get the stuff in or put the WRONG things in...
  5. by   shelby88669
    yeah like what Heather said --has to be some intrument or tool that is used in nursing--

    thanks for replying:roll

    hey research rabbit--what exactly is a sharp container?-- that might be something interesting t do?! thanks:roll
  6. by   babynursewannab
    A sharps container is the designated recepticle for used needles and such.
    Yeah Shelby, I think the sharps container is a great idea. Lots of info you could include. (I would have a difficult time coming up with 4 paragraphs about a thermometer!)

    It is the red box you usually see hanging or setting somewhere for disposal of needles. Lots of issues you could discuss with that one, including proper placement, proper use, when it should be emptied, etc.

    Great idea reasearcrabbit!

  8. by   shelby88669
    thanks everybody for your help--gonna try the sharps container--thank you Heather and Babynursewannab for telling me what a sharp container is lol---appreciate you taking time to answer:roll