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need real help here!! :cool: i am the mother of 4 children and a stay at home mom at this time. my childrens agese are boy 14 girl 12 girl 5 boy 2... Read More

  1. by   Robin61970
    The first piece of advice my mother-in-law gave me when I started school was that I had to learn to let the housework go and concentrate on school.....this has been very hard for me to do.....I am also lucky though my husband says school is my full time job....we have
    Stephen 7
    Brittany 3

    they are with us all the time......Brittany is in daycare while I go to school and Stephen gets out at 3.....I pick him up and on Monday, Tues., and Either Wed. or Thurs.(only one of those days) we have Taekwondo practice.....then on Monday and Thursday we have Baseball games with baseball practice on Tuesday night.

    We also have Audry(boy 9) and Wesley(7) that live with their mom, but Wesley is on the same ball team as Stephen and all 3 boys are in Taekwondo together.....we have them our regular visitation, but on Wednesdays instead of going home at 9 pm they stay the night with us and we take them to school on Thursday.

    We stay pretty busy and then there is my school and find a way to muddle through......I will do schoolwork while the boys are at practice....I take my chair and work on homework......You just have to find your stride.......