Need help for NCP risk for fetal distress? risk for insufficient placental perfusion?

  1. Please Help!! I have a NCP for my L&D Homework and I am struggling. The pt. had an fairly normal L&D so I am at a loss. 29yo F w/ no significant past medical history with no complications. Delivery occurred 2 days after estimated due date. So i guess I'm doing a risk for. My teacher doesn't want anxiety or alterations in comfort.

    The only pertinent data I have is light meconium staining and decreased FHR/ late decelerations (only briefly right before delivery in Stage 2) but I was still thinking I could put this because the Oxygen was decreased at this time.

    Also, she had an epidural. Could this be a risk factor? She didn't really have Hypotension. Also she had a 2nd degree episiotomy.. when the babys FHR was at 70. I assume this was to decrease the risk of hypoxia to baby.

    For Nursing interventions, I was thinking O2 to mom, position changes, and monitoring FHT/FHR by EFM.

    Need help for Nursing Dx!!!

    Risk for fetal distress related to decreased FHR of 70 and late decelerations in Stage II Labor, secondary to epidural use.

    Risk for fetal injury.
    Risk for decreased placental perfusion.
    Risk for infection.

    Any advice would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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