Need Advice - 4th Semester

  1. We have a dilema. Mid-Program, the Coordinator decided to change the requirements for passing. We started with 77 being passing. They changed it to 80. We weren't given any avenues to express our opinions on this. Well this semester, out of 24 students, we know of 7 that did not passed because of this. Had our average been kept at 77, we all would have passed. We were called into two of the instructors offices and told they weren't suppose to do this but told us to fight this. They didn't expand on it any. Just gave us the addage of there is power in numbers. Does anyone have any experience of what we should do? We have a meeting with the President of the school next Tuesday but is there anything else? Apparently one of the students' mother is professor at another university and she said that it is not right to change the requirements mid stream of a program. Another student told us he spoke with a friend of his that is an attorney and he was informed that this is a breach of contract?

    I just wanted to know if anyone else had an opinions or recommendations?
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