NCLEX 3500 info needed from users; please post your opinions/complaints

  1. Hi,
    I am a senior BSN student whose school has been utilizing the NCLEX-RN 3500 CD this year in preparation for the boards.
    We have had great difficulty since our school upgraded to the 3500, and it has caused much stress and greatly affected our time management.

    A group of students have been asked to meet as a focus group concerning the 3500 program and we have already gathered info from our fellow students.

    What I am hoping to gather is any information from other schools/students that have used the 3500, either the Institutional version or the Single User version (the CD).

    Have any you had any problems with this particular program?

    The common problems at our university have been:
    -the program freezes when attempting to do a large number of questions at a time, such as 150 and up
    -the bookmarking option would cause the "choose all that apply" questions to appear blank at the end of the test and would be marked wrong
    -certain graphics that required a student to place the cursor over a certain area would be marked wrong if the "X" was not in exact, precise alignment with their "x" at the end of the test
    -some math questions were inconsistent; some required rounding, some didn't
    -the content of some questions were clearly wrong or very obscure and did not match any of the other NCLEX guides or nursing texts

    Our IT department is working on resolving some of the bugs that they feel might be IT related, but we are working with the company to iron out any other issues.

    Has anyone had any similar or different experiences?

    Any comments or thoughts are appreciated!

    Thank you!
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