My first week of Nursing School!!!!

  1. So today finished my first week of my ADN program. I'm still scared, (terrified really) anxious to get more in depth and to start clinicals, already hating all the reading, preparing for my first test and all the extra stuff i had to pay out. (plus the 125$ i have out tomorrow for a Chicken Pox Vaccine which I am not happy about)

    All in all its getting pretty interesting, the 620$ book bundle is pretty awesome and has tons of stuff (plus medscape, Nurse Squared and a TON of Elsevier Resources)

    The readings are insane, and insanely boring yet every sentence is filled with more information then my brain has ever taken in with anything i have ever read.

    Making friends is scary as I have learned that nearly half of my nursing class (90 students) will be gone within the year...and because were broken up into 2 classes, thats literally 1 class gone, so i don't know about making friends with everyone...

    but it is pretty great...knowing that in just 20 short months ill have my adn degree brings me to the realization that my life has begun...

    its going to be a great ride.....
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  3. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    I know the feeling. I just started a fast track RN program and this is my school's second year doing it. Our pinning ceremony(for those of us that survive) is set for December 12th, 2012!!

    It's crazy how much we've learned since we started!..And we still have so far to go. lol