My first clinical experience......

  1. Today, was my first clinical experience and I find myself feeling so much empathy for the patients. We were just to shadow an CNA and log all of our thoughts/feelings in an journal for all our clinical experiences throughout our 2 year program. I tried to do some lecture homework afterwards, but just could not focus. So, I started to write my journal because I figured I just need to get these thoughts out there.

    Though I did not do much and even felt like I could have seen/learned a lot more today during clinical, I absorbed a lot from the environment. What the disabled patients have to deal with, their hygene routine, ect. I just felt like I wanted to jump in and clean these patients that needed it. When they smell like urine, I think an once over wipe down with an damp towel isn't enough. I understand that this may be the norm when you have so much to do before all your patients have to be up for breakfast, but this is what is so saddening. That the patients just can't get the level of care they need from day to day.

    After reflecting, I just can't help to cry about it a bit. Maybe this makes me too emotional. lol.

    Has others experienced this sense of empathy and helplessness of not being able to really help with the patients that desperately needed more care? Or am I just way too sensitive? LoL.
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  3. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    I think your post shows what a caring person you are. Good luck in your program