move on for PhD or go back RN program

  1. I feel frustrated and angry one evening during clinical rotation, again that instructor purposely responded to my questions with neglegence, I remember she hardly look at me, to answer my question, she either looked somewhere else or looked at some body next to me. or simply glancing over me wtih no answer, I am a minority and speak with accents, my previous education from a top university tells me this is a sign of discrimination, community college has been very dissatisfy my demand for quality education, I check into the back ground of this instructors, discover most of them either graduated from university of Pheonix or a very community level of nursing program, at this moment I do not feel I should go back that CC to complet RN training and ruin my own educational expection, a second degree BSN is in my plan, but the cost would be around $35,000 to complete, I do like to gain a PhD some day in bioEngineering PSU or U of Maryland, the issue about money put me in the thoughts of go back engineering track, how do you think, I need some encouragement to get rid of the memory of the bad feeling,the feeling of being discriminated is very bad, I speak 3 lanaguages and I did not discriminate anyone who speak only one, I grauduated from a University much harder and real, but they in this CC o nly concern my face and accents, I wonder this is the quality of CC education to produce. I am not discouraging anyone who are attending CC for education, I had three wonderful teachers in this CC who really are in my apprecaion list when I was trying to learn biology, for engineering students, the worse coursed to deal with is courses that require memorization, I leared very hard from there three retire MD instructors and passed 4 biology courses with high A, they really turned on my other part of brain circuitry, my mind held them as heroes every day. can any one help me to look at this bad experience, I would be very appreciated. thank you and whatever your view could be I can learn something.
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