Microbiology vs. A&P

  1. Which is worse??? I took A&P I this spring semester and didn't have many problems at all. I did very well and got an A!! YAY!!, lol Anyway, I'm taking micro this summer and was wondering how is it compared to A&P easier or harder?? I'm hoping it's a bit easier because a summer course only lasts 6 weeks and is much more intense anyway than a regular semester. I'm also 7 months pregnant and due 2 days after finals :uhoh21: Yeah, I know that's risky but I'm chancing it anyway because I really need to get this class done so I can go back next spring and start the nursing program and I figure I might as well try. I've been in school over a year just doing pre-reqs, ugh!!! I'm ready to start the actual thing!! So which is worse micro or A&P??

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  3. by   julieftRN
    In my opinion, micro was much harder than A & P. Micro has a lot of chemistry and A & P was just easier to comprehend. But then again, I had a lousy teacher for Micro. Dont worry, take your time and study and you will make it through just fine.
  4. by   camrn
    For some A&P is easier because it's more cohesive and tactile with the lab. Micro is detail, detail, and more detail. If your prof offers you a study guide, stay up with it everyday and DON"T cram for exams....it's just too much info. The lab is fun if you make it fun. That was my favorite part of Micro. If you can learn all the metabolism stuff separately, that helps. Mircrobes and viruses have TONS of ways they grow, hopefully your prof won't teach you ALL of them . However, none of those 3 classes begin to compare with Patho. So, once you've taken micro, press the delete button on what you don't want to remember and bear down for Patho!

    Hope the rest of your prereqs go well. I just finished all mine and am in nursing school this summer! Hang in there and best wishes for a healthy delivery
  5. by   LeesieBug
    I think it depends on who you ask! For me, micro was a lot easier. The only way you probably will get the right answer to your question is to take micro and find out!

    I personally thought micro was really interesting, and enjoyed it. What could be more fun that growing little colonies of bateria from your kitchen sponges, throats, or fingernails?!
  6. by   ChrisA
    Sounds to me that if you got an A in A&P, you know how to alter your learning style to match the data you're learning. You'll be fine one way or another. Just give it a shot.