math problem...please help!

  1. Please help with pediatric med calc

    Order is Symmetrel 25mg po tid
    avail is 50mg/5ml
    weight 14kg
    safe dose range 4-8 mg/kg/day
    is this a safe dose & therapeutic and if so how much should the nurse admin?

    order is Phenergan 20mg IM q6h
    avail 25mg/ml
    weight 45kg
    safe dose is 0.25-.5mg/kg/dose. may repeat q4-6h
    is it safe, much should nurse administer?

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  3. by   GardenDove
    first dose is safe. 8mg x 14kg = 112. That's your max dose per day. Then divide that by 3 because the order is TID. Your max dose you can give TID would be 37mg.

    If it comes 50mg/5ml, then you will give 2.5ml per 25mg dose.
  4. by   GardenDove
    The second problem is 0.5mg x 45kg = 22.5mg per dose. That would be the max dose per dose, therefore the prescribed dose is safe. To get the correct ml you need to cross multiply 25 over 1 with 20 over x. It's hard to write that out here, but would be 20 x 1 = 20 then divide that by 25. Your answer is 0.8ml.
  5. by   teammom
    Thanks so much. I have been driving myself crazy for the past couple of hours. My professor stated that she purposely put the wrong answers on the study guide so that she would know if we were practicing the problems; however, she failed to tell us after the fact which ones were correct/incorrect.

    I got the same answer that you did for both problems and that makes me feel alot better.

    Thanks again. At least I know that I was working them correctly.