LVN/LPN to RN a good way to start?

  1. Hi all, I'm just here to see if anyone could offer advice to route my career path. I started working in a hospital about a year ago and have since decided that currently the major I was going towards isn't really for me and that nursing is definitely the career path I'd like to go down.

    The problem is I really want to go RN. But as I'm sure everyone here is aware there is tremendous waiting lists, especally in the so cal area and those which are not on waiting lists have a lot of competition.

    One method I had heard about by some nurses is going through an LVN/LPN program and then going to a school that allows me to do one more year to get AA in nursing. This route sounds like it could be a very good route, but does it offer any advantages over going straight RN? I mean are there some schools which look at being an LVN/LPN as experience and maybe help move you higher in a list of applications for a RN program? Seems a lot of schools except LVNs, but they dont really go into detail on rather or not this gives an edge over those trying to get into 2 or 4 year RN programs.

    Any advice on this topic would be great. Also there are so many schools out there, im not sure if all can be trusted. What exam would I need to be able to sit for in order to go into a RN acceptance program? I'm interested in national accreditation and not just state.
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    Ok, dont kill me. I just noticed there was a forum on this very topic below this one...

    When I searched nothing came up and I have no idea what I did wrong...

    Any opinions on this career path though are welcome as I'd like to hear what others think of it.