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I'm a MSN student preparing to study the nursing school experience of students who have a background as emergency medical technicians. Are there many of you out there, and is the experience worth... Read More

  1. by   coastiewifejenna
    I totally agree with Mike Fungin. The teachers were so focused on why I changed fields and not that it matters but my husband is in the military and I needed something I could do in Alaska on base. There were times when I would be put on the spot and be asked what would I do and I dont really think it was fair, especally because we had students in our class (as second year students) that have never worked in medicine ever.(you didnt have to be a CNA to get into our program) My best suggestion for instructors is to realize that people from all over the world do things a little bit different and they still end up with the same result, so dont judge them because they think about things differently but still come up with the same answer.