Just feeling down

  1. So, I failed out of nursing school at the community college after 1 year, by 1 point (79)
    I'm not at a university but not taking any nursing classes. I feel like i've been demoted, and my transcripts say i'm a sophomore. But I've been in college since 2010.

    Now I'm working as a CNA on the weekends, going to school (microbiology, math, humanities, transfer orientation, and sociology) Monday through Friday and work Saturday and Sunday. I feel like i'm dying a little on the inside.

    I guess I just wanna feel like things will get better, and all this work, frustration and sadness will be worth something in the end.
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  3. by   sbaker935
    I am so sorry things WILL get better, sooner or later. Everything happens for a reason. I would just start reapplying to other schools to see if you get in or not. Have you tried that? Just stay positive and work hard for your dreams!! You will get there if you put in all your efforts
  4. by   danedsel
    I'm not sure I fully understand your situation.

    The classes you're currently taking (microbiology, math, sociology, etc.) are usually pre-reqs or gen ed classes at most schools. Is this their form of remediation? If not, what is their remediation plan and did you not qualify?

    If you are remediating, you basically have to pull your GPA/academic standing up to an acceptable level. This is only to regain your competitive edge and re-integrate into the program once you're done. If some of those classes are gen eds that are part of the degree plan, then in a way you're still working on your nursing degree (ADN). A lot of students don't realize that by knocking out those gen ed classes in addition to pre-reqs they've done or are also doing, they're actually working on their degree. It's good because you won't have to take those with the NUR classes when you finish the program. This might be the reason you're considered a Sophomore, because in the grand scheme of the degree plan, those classes aren't ones you've done. They look at everything, not just NUR classes.

    Find out what's going on and get back to us. ) This is little more than a hiccup.