1. I am applying for early decision to JHU for the Traditional BSN program. I am nervous! I have never gotten a C, but only have a 3.5GPA. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT and that's all of my volunteer experience. I also have no prior degrees and I go to community college. I do however, have a long thread of communication with someone from admissions; she has helped me with reviewing my essays, etc. she is aware I am applying and is watching out for my application. Does anyone have any idea if that's a "well-rounded" enough background? Has anyone been accepted that can give me some advice? Or, a current student?
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  3. by   Asherah
    If you have open communication with an admissions officer they should be able to give you the facts about how competitive your GPA is (and the average GPA of those offered admission in previous cohorts). As an aside, the GPA that was recommended to be competitive for the ABSN fell between 3.3 and 3.6, that what is they consider a "strong candidate." That is interesting that they are helping you with your essays, I've never heard of that before. I would consider yourself fortunate in that regard and just do your best. (I'm applying the for the ABSN/MSN program to start in May 2008.)
  4. by   TwentyTen_RN2b
    Well, I wouldn't consider it "proofing" or anything with my essay, I asked if she would take a look, and she gave advice on my topic matter. Of course, that was all she could do without there being a conflict of interest of some sort. Have you ever applied before? Are you nervous about being accepted? What volunteer work have you done, may I ask? I'm curious about what kind of people are applying. Furthermore, what is your previous Bachelors in? And, if not related to nursing, what made you decide to be a nurse? Thanks for reading!