JFK Muhlenberg 2017

  1. Hi All,

    Has anyone been accepted into the accelerated program starting in January 2017?
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  3. by   jmacchio
    Hi, I was accepted into the accel. program for jan. 2017!
  4. by   Mpking88
    Finally, someone else. I know your super excited, I know I am. Congratulations on your acceptance! I just started studying for the Math Challenge exam I plan on taking it in December. When did you get your acceptance letter? I'm Marc btw.
  5. by   jmacchio
    Thank you, you too! I got my letter a couple of weeks ago, what about you? I'm Jessica.
  6. by   Mpking88
    Nice to informally meet you. I got my letter 2 weeks ago. I was due to start an direct entry MSN program at Seton Hall this September; I attended orientation and everything but I chose not to go, and took a chance on Muhlenberg. I barely made the deadline! So I'm very excited this is a blessing. Have you taken the Math challenge exam or class?
  7. by   jmacchio
    I'm currently enrolled in the class. Do you live close to JFK?
  8. by   Mpking88
    Oh ok. I live approximately 30 mins away from the school. My commute wont be that bad, how about you?
  9. by   jmacchio
    Not bad, I live far. I'm about an hour and 15 minutes from the school. Do you have any idea what our schedule is going to be like come January?
  10. by   Mpking88
    Yeah an hour and 15 mins is pretty far but I'm sure you'll get used to the drive and it won't seem as daunting after a while. Don't quote me on this but the 1st trimester we should have class 3 days a week and clinicals 2 days a week. Our program lectures are always during the day but I don't know about the clinicals. How's the math class? I'm taking the challenge exam so Im not sure how to start studying. I've been watching tutorials on youtube but that about it.
  11. by   jmacchio
    Yeah I'm hoping I'll get used to it quickly. I'll be commuting with my friend who was also accepted into the accel. program. The class seems easy thus far, it only started a couple days ago so its just been basics right now. It seems as if we need to know medical abbreviations as well as conversions so if you study up on that I'm sure you'll be fine for the challenge exam!
  12. by   Mpking88
    It's cool that you have a friend that got accepted with you. I do have some content and some practice questions that were emailed to me by the school. Its seems relatively easy so I'm not too concerned. I can't wait to start and I love that its only one calendar year from Jan to Dec! How awesome is that.
  13. by   jesspat89
    Hey Marc, I just graduated the accelerated program this past year. I have the Nutrition essentials for Nursing Practice 7th Edition and Pharmacology Kee Hayes 8th edition if you or anyone would like to buy both for $75. Offer is open to anyone. Thanks and Good Luck!
  14. by   Mpking88
    Hi Thanks,

    I'll be mindful of that when I order my books. Probably next week. Can you tell us anything about the program? We're starting in 2 weeks!! Yikes