IUPUI anyone???

  1. I am just wondering if there is anyone here attending IUPUI this fall?
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  3. by   hobbes
    Nope I'm not attending...Oh, BTW, what is IUPUI???
  4. by   hobbes
    Okay, I get it. Duh. IUPUI is a school. Right?
  5. by   SusanRN2004
    It stands for Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

    I have heard of it, but don't know any that goes there.
  6. by   snapper
    I go to IUPUI. I am in the the BSN program.
  7. by   AmiK25
    Hi! I go to IUPUI. I am in the BSN program...second semester junior.

  8. by   jennyej
    I am just starting. I have one year of pre-reqs to go through first. But I hope to enter the BSN program next fall there at IUPUI. Do you like it so far?
  9. by   snapper
    What prereqs are you taking this semester? I am a second semester sophomore. I will be starting clinicals this semester at IU hospital. I really like school but some of the first semester nursing classes are really boring but not really hard.
  10. by   jennyej
    I am taking Beginning Spanish, Biology of women, Chemisrty of life and American history 2. I had a lot of my other pre-reqs taken care of when I went to Vincennes University for 2 years.
  11. by   snapper
    Have you already had anatomy and physio? I guess I am a little confused, you said you had one more year of prereqs. What prereqs are you talking about. I think to apply you need psych, sociology, english, math, chemistry and one of the science (anatomy, physio, micro) as well as 2 more extra humanities. I just don't want you to get the run around from the school like a lot of new students do.
  12. by   jennyej
    I transfered in from Vincennes University so a lot of my pre-reqs are done. I have had psych, soc, english. I picked my classes based on what I have left from the BSN program. I am going to take Math next semester as well as Anatomy. My advisor said that I picked the right classes. Thanks for looking out for me. I am really excited about starting the program next fall. I hope I can get into the school.
  13. by   AmiK25

    Just wanted to let you know that it gets much less boring after that first semester. Although some classes are still boring, at least you get to learn useful information instead of how to communicate and the history of nursing. The semester you are going into is a very busy one b/c you have lots of outside experiences to complete such as observing in the Riley ER and observing at an OB clinic. Anyway, have fun this semester and let me know if you have any questions, ok?

  14. by   emmybsu
    I am taking two classes in the fall. Micro and Physio. I will then apply to the accelerated program. Start in May and graduate in December of 2004. Anyone else doing the accelerated program??