Is gerneral wellness a nursing degree?

  1. Hello! I need some advise. I have read so many letters from nursing students who say that nursing is their calling. I don't feel that and that scares me. Health and fitness is my calling. I love helping people but at this point in my life my dream is to help people and inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle. I'm trying to fulfull this through nursing. Is that possible? I hear there will be a great need for the baby boomers and implenting exericse programs, ect. but I want to job security of nursing. I will be mid 40's when I finally get out of nursing school. ( I dont start for at least 2 yrs). It may be that once I get in I find other areas that I love but right now I live for health and fitness. I dont' like hospitals. Are there areas out there I am unaware of in the nursing field that would benefit me to go to nursing school so I can fullfil my dreams.

    Last but no least, is there a way I could find a mentor or be around nurses so I could get a feel of this field?

    Thank you so much
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  3. by   ARmickie
    You may want to look into working in a dietary environment. You would have your choice of either working in a hospital or even a health club once you are certified. I don't know about the job market in your area, but I know that around here, there are always ads in the paper needing these types of positions filled. Good luck!