Is Fracture a medical diagnosis?

  1. I have to what is called a "Textbook picture" of a patient. They had a Fx of the distal and proximal radius. Is the actual medical diagnosis Fracture, or is it Radial fracture? I can't find a list of medical diag. in any of my books.

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  3. by   nursehottie
    wouldn't Fx of the distal and proximal radius be the actual medical diagnosis??
  4. by   Nrs_angie
    the medical dx may also include the type of fracture that it actually is... whether it be open, closed, comminuted, impacted, ect ect.

    when they say they want the 'textbook picture' for this paper you are writing they probably mean describe the clinical manifestations such as the classic signs/symptoms of a fracture like pain, swelling, redness, at the site. Atleast when my instructors say textbook picture thats what they are asking for.

    You should use a Pathophysiology book. Look in the index for Fracture- then look for fractures of the radius. In your paper describe the pathophys, the etiology, the clinical manifestations, and the treatment. Then relate it to your patient. For instance... pain at the site is a classic symptom of a fracture... talk about your patient's statement of pain when admitted to the hospital. Talk about localized swelling and if your patient had swelling at the site when they came to the hospital. Then describe the X-ray findings... ect.
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  5. by   docmarko
    I would think it would be classified according to type of fx. as well. Do you have a Taber's dictionary? Check in there. They usually give the definition of "fracture" then subsequent types/classifications of fractures. Good Luck.
  6. by   maolin
    When I wrote up my hip fx med dx, I wrote up fractures in general 1st and then special considerations for the hip fx (you don't necessarily have ambulation considerations w/ a wrist fx, may not need full neuro check like a skull fx would, etc) - I got all of the info I needed from my med/surg textbook.