Is anyone starting the Barry Fall 2009 BSN Program?

  1. Hey, I was accepted to Barry's Fall program and I was wondering if anyone out there will be going there as well?
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  3. by   PDX16
    Congrats! I got accepted as well but am still waiting to hear back from another school before I make my decision. Do you know alot about the program there at Barry and its surrounding area?
  4. by   jmi0886
    I do not know too much yet. I have to make an appointment with the nursing advisor to set up my schedule and then I will know more. I am in the process now of trying to get all my immunizations taken care of. I know we have to take an entrance exam called the HESI. We need to recieve a 70% or above, but i heard its not too hard.
  5. by   PDX16
    ic. yea, i still haven't called yet b/c im waiting to hear back from the other schools, but i think we can't register till we're done taking classes anyways. so where are you from?
  6. by   Ba2LaCa
    Hi, are you talking about Barry University in Miami, FL? I tried to apply to their 2nd Bachelor program but was too late . Do you know if they take students in the Spring semesters or only fall?
  7. by   PDX16
    i'm not sure but this is off of their website:

    Admission File Completion DatesApplicant Notification Dates February 1February 28 May 1 May 31 July 2 July 31 September 4 October 1 November 1 November 30

    So I think you can still apply
  8. by   PDX16
    darnit, it was a table but didn't go through. anyhow the first dates are the FILE By dates, and the 2nd one closest to it is the NOTIFICATION dates if you submit a completed file by then. looks like you just passed the May 1st deadline, but the next one is July 2nd.
  9. by   Ba2LaCa
    Thank You! I'll give them a call.
  10. by   jmi0886
    Hey i just wanted to let you guys know that there was too many people accepted this fall. So now if you were accepted and did not register yet. you are on a waiting list for those of you who are declining your spot, do it soon because a lot of people are waiting and may have to start in January
  11. by   PDX16
    Hey jmi...

    where did you hear about the waiting list thing??? did they sent out letters or something?
  12. by   jmi0886
    Have you had your meeting yet? She is the Nursing Advisor. She told me about it.
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  13. by   PDX16
    oh ic. no i haven't.
  14. by   jmi0886
    Ooh. Call her up and meet with her. If your not on the waiting list you can register for your classes in the fall now.