International schools in warm locations

  1. I live the the SF Bay area and I am sick of being cold all the time. I like really warm weather.

    I want to go somewhere warm but they must offer a ABSN or second degree BSN. I want a program that is MAXIMUM 2 years and would prefer less.

    And also the cheaper the better. There is no way on earth I will pay 40,000 to 65,000 USD for a year of tuition at some of these ABSN programs.

    So I am aware of UVI but I have contacted them by email and phone over the last couple weeks and no one has returned my emails or calls. That is not a very good sign.

    There is also a school in Peurto Rico and I have heard the instruction in English but their entire web site is in Spanish. Also I am not sure I want to be in a Spanish speaking environment even if the instruction is in English. French would be perfect, Dutch would be cool. Spanish would be my last choice.

    Anyone know of other schools that ofer an ABSN or second degree BSN in nice warm tropical destinations?
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