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  1. I am currently and ADN RN and have gone back to school for my BSN. Currently I'm trying to find information on the following areas and I have not had much luck.

    Nursing Intervetions Classification (NIC)


    The Role of Nursing as a Change Agent.

    We are required to do papers and in class presentations on these topics. NIC is not somethine I Have used in Home care and I am having a hard time understanding it. Change Agent is also a new term to me.

    Thank you for any aid in the right direction.
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  3. by   ageless
    typed in NIC and found many available sources...good luck
  4. by   boggle
    I am really into the NANDA, NOC, NIC process. best book I have used is Nursing Interventions Classifications, Iowa Intervention Project, editors McCloskey and Bulechek.

    Yhese NICs are measurable activities- tells the unknowing how much nurses really do!!!!!
  5. by   ma kettle
    This is probably a reach but the most classic was with dear old Florence Nightengale. She was the one , I believe that brought forth the idea of sterility as it relates to infection.
    This is when simple hand washing was found to be a good thing.
    There is a book by Laura Ashely. This book is about the history and evolution of nurses. It initially sounds like a sleeping aid for the insomnia, but is interesting. You can see by reading this book that nurses have had major involments with the progression of healthcare.
    One that is more recent. About 10 years ago, we use to use the SASH system after intermittent drugs such as iv antibiotic, SASH stood for 3cc saline antibiotic, saline and last heparin. It was thought that for intermittent lines or PRN lines, INTs this system most be followed to letter, then a nurse actually did a study and discovered through study subject patients the heparin did not need to be done to keep a line open. Just by using the simple saline before and after the antibiotic was enough. This study saved hospitals major amount of money on the heparins. However, keep in mind they are still needed for PICC lines.
    I hope this is what you are looking for. Good luck

    Are they also referring to the Models in Nursing?