In preperation for college

  1. hi everyone,

    currently, i sit waiting for my application to progress through the college system for an initial 1 year 'access to nursing' to allow me entrance into a degree course at uni for nursing.

    so, i figured, i could start learning some true 'basics' refresh my skeletal memories, nervous sys, organs, muscles etc.

    do you have any idea's of other 'basics' you needed for your first year that i could possibly set my mind to now?
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  3. by   Tony35NYC
    I see you're in the UK and the education system is a bit different there. Is that a special course that you need to take before you can apply to nursing school? Regardless, every nursing student has to go through the list of prerequite course in a&p, micro, chemistry, math, etc. If you got good A levels scores in chemistry, biology, etc. you'll walk right through all those science classes with no problems at all.
  4. by   Purple Hugs
    Sadly my grades didn't reach A level as I wasn't in a posiition to stay on at school.

    I'm now 32, so a mature student to say the least .

    The way we go into further education here is to complete an initial course called an 'access' course, which shows ur able to learn, cope with college/course, and covers the basics before you attend a degree course at uni.
  5. by   blue eyes
    The greatest challenge for me, so far has been the chemistry component - oh & ECG even though we've only touched on the basics.

    I did a 'Bridging Science Short Course' for 1 week before Uni started and we covered basic chemistry such as the essential or common elements in the human body, atoms, compounds, mass number (=protons + neutrons), chemical bonds etc . ....

    There is the math, which isn't too bad - mostly conversions, medication math, fractions and ratios.

  6. by   Purple Hugs
    Thanks Blue eyes, I'll have a look at the chemistry of the body for sure, as I did biology and physics at school but that was a LONG time ago .

    Also maybe touch up on my fractions ... as u hardly use them out of school hehe.

    Not sure where I start with medication math though. :uhoh21: