Ideas for EBP paper!

  1. This semester I am in OB and Pediatrics. One of the assignments is an evidence based practice clinical paper. I have been trying to come up with ideas for this paper, but 6 weeks later and I am still topicless.

    The parameters of the paper: "Identify a clinical problem or controversy that affects children, their families, or pediatric nurses. Describe the issue and discuss the effects of the problem on the individuals involved. Review professional nursing and related literature to determine the current standard of practice in this area.

    I am literally not having any luck.
    Anyone have any ideas for me? Maybe hearing others ideas will help get the ball rolling for me.
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  3. by   melmarie23
    there are lots you can use for OB or pedi. What about something on breastfeeding? Electric fetal monitoring? Think about your typical day in clinicals and the routine care that you give and go from there...