i need advice on schools and boards!

  1. I'm an lvn in California and I would like to get in an rn program. I have a job that I work at a rural health clinic and have a decent pay and good benefits. I'm also the only one working in my family. Because of this I would like to try a distance learning or on-line program. My only fear is that these types of programs will not give me the practical experience on skills that I have gotten rusty at.

    I also would like to move back to my home state of Michigan. I'm worried that Michigan will not accept me no matter what program I get into due to the fact that I challenged the California state lvn board (and aced it). I was told by the Michigan board that I could not take their lpn exam for my license because I didn't go to an approved lpn school and that my training as a navy corpsman didn't count. If I find an lvn to rn program, will this fact hurt me? I would also like to know if there is any lvn to rn programs on-line or even distance learning programs?

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I'm embarrassed to admit my ignorance, but I'm also confused about the titles rn's carry (i.e. a.s.n, a.d.n, b.s.n....etc). I'm not really sure what they mean or the advantages or disadvantages of having them. Again, thank you all! Any and all advise, info, and opinions will and are greatly appreciated!

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