I Hate This Semester...

  1. Just have to vent! I cannot STAND my OB lecture prof, who also happens to be my clinical instructor, who also happens to by my healthy family in the community instructor.

    We had an OB exam Monday that covered stuff that we LECTURED on after class....even after dropping 7 out of 65 questions, only 6 people out of 44 (supposeldy) passed. (Haven't heard yet if I were one of the lucky ones; though I'm certian I wasn't!)

    Clinicals SUCK- the nurses hate us, tell us (most of them, at least) that they're still going to do their own assessments, and if we don't want to do anything, then don't. My instructor disappears for 2 hrs a day at the clinical- so when we need to pass meds, etc, and the nurse cannot find her, then the nurses get mad at us- bc like they're goign to let us do things under their license. Why the hell nurses work at teaching hospitals when they don't like to precept is beyond me. There was a huge argument on Wed. morning btwn the charge, the nurses, and my instructor, about how the nurses "hate giving report twice" to us....um, yeah. We get there at 7, get our pts, etc. And my prof is SO disorganized that she keeps sending students to L&d who have already seen a birth of sorts- and there were 2 of us out of 8 who did NOT get to see a birth- and instead of being able to do an L&D care plan, have to write a 3 page paper.

    And the healthy family class? Forget it. Our midterm is over 15 chapters, 20 questions at 5 pts a question- I can only get 3 wrong to pass??? If it is like th OB test, I'm screwed.

    Give me back pharm and phys! I can't stand this thinking out of the box crap and writing papers. Oh, and ethics, don't even get me started on. my only saving grace is a 7-wk EKG class....

    Just had to vent; am in an awful mood. I cannot STAND this teacher- she makes me hate OB, hate nursing school, not want to study...

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. :angryfire
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