I had a wonderful day at work!

  1. I didn't want to steal Rebecca's thunder at clinical!!

    Anyhow, let me start with last night.

    At 9:30 last night, the facility I normally work at through my agency called, asking if I could please, pretty please, pick up the day shift today.

    I groaned, thinking, "There goes my sleep-in", but agreed to do so.

    I got to work, and the night nurse came running down the hall and hugged me really hard. "Thanks so much for not making me stay over!!" She was thrilled that she could go home right away.

    Then, lucky me ended up with a wonderful student taking 6 of my most difficult patients to practice on! I got an hour to do my charting and spend some time with my OTHER patients, which I NEVER get usually.

    Then, the pm nurses came in at the end of the shift, and had some wonderful praises for me, about how dependable and etc they find me.

    During the day, the CNAs got together and thanked me for being one of the few nurses they work with who "isn't afraid to help us with no matter what it is, pooey pants, lifting, setting up meal trays, toileting, etc. (That just made my day!)

    Then, the unit manager came up to me, said, "Did you get a chance to look at the new schedule and pick up some hours??" She lets me do that, she said, cause, "You are always here when we need you, I know that you do a good job, and we can ALWAYS depend on you....." When I told her I had taken 11 of the 13 available shifts, she thanked me profusely.....

    And, to top it all off, I got out of there on TIME!!!!

    What a wonderful day!

    Hope the rest of the week doesn't resort to Murphy's law!!!

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  3. by   wannanurse
    It sounds like you had a great day!!!!