How would you rate your program?

  1. I'm curious to know how satisfied people are with different schools and degree programs. Please reply to this post in this format:

    Name of school
    Type of program
    Letter grade, based on your personal experience overall

    For example, mine would be:

    City College of San Francisco
    N/A (just taking prereqs)

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  3. by   labman
    University of wisconsin Oshkosh
    BSN program
    A/Bs pretty scattered A's and scattered Bs
  4. by   katulka
    Anybody else want to weigh in? It would be really helpful to me in applying to programs.

    Thank you!
  5. by   crazylilkelly
    UIC College of Nursing Champaign-Urbana Regional Site
    I'm getting pretty much all As. I would DEFINITELY give the school an A.
    I absolutely love our program. It's amazing how much the staff cares about us. I can honestly say that I want to be the kind of nurses they are. It just seems that there is so much nursing passion in my program. The instructors are here to help us, not fail us. Also, I've never experienced being in a college & having us all be so tight & helpful w/ each other. There's much learning & love where I'm at. I wouldn't have gone to any other CON.