How to get the nursing job I want and anywhere I want...

  1. HELP!!!!I'm am presently in my 3rd semester of Nursing school in Quebec, intensive program. In december 2008, I will be graduating with a College diploma in nursing, I will have to pass the OIIQ exam, and I'll be a registered nurse. The thing is, to be a registered nurse seems to be complecated in Canada, and getting information....even worst.

    I want to be able to work as a RN anywhere in Canada, I know that many provinces only accept the BSN or BN. I am planing on doing a bachelor but part time since I really need to start working. But I do not think I will stay in Quebec. Where do they accept the RN diploma within Canada? and how can I make sure I have the degree which will allow me to work anywhere I want?

    Ok, second problem. I want to eventually have a specialized degree. I am thinking about, neonatal, lactation specialist or wound care. What kind of degree do I need for this, bachelor or master?

    If nobody can answer my question maybe someone knows where I can get the information.

    Thank you all for reading,

    Miss Chablis
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    I can't help with the Canada-specific questions, but I would encourage you to try and get a nurse externship, take your BLS/PALS/ACLS and arrythmia certifications if you can.

    If by "specialized degree" you mean an actual degree and not a certification, like Neonatal , lactation consultant and wound CERTIFICATIONS, you can get your Master's degree as a neonatal nurse practitioner, etc. You don't have to have your bachelors or masters degree for the above certifications.