how student nurse jobs at hospital vary

  1. I worked as a student nurse for 2 yr. before I became an RN. At the hospital I worked at students were treated like aids. I just have been hired on at Indiana University medical center and have found the student nurse can do a hell of a lot more then I could. At IU a student nurse level 2 can give medication and assessment patient under the survision of an RN. This is very uncomfortable for me being a RN for only seven months. I wonder why the big range?
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  3. by   Jodie5
    Hi, Stew! I think every hospital has different policies regarding student nurses. I know when I worked two summers ago as a student I was also able to several clinical procedures under RN supervision. Just remember you are the pro now and those students are looking up to you for advice and wisdom. Give me some advice on becoming a working RN. I am so nervous about getting started out there. Do you feel lost? What are the worst things you encounter? What are the best? See ya in class! Jodie
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    grad got 28 hr in alabama
  5. by   HealthyRN
    I can understand how that would be uncomfortable. You are still learning yourself and it doesn't seem right that you should be responsible for the student, at least at this point. I think that you should talk to your manager about the situation. You should be allowed to feel comfortable in your position before being expected to take the student under your license. At OSU hospitals, student nurses function as aides, unless enrolled in an externship program. Even then, they are paired with a preceptor.