How do you survive the nursing school?

  1. Hello. This is my first time to make a thread.
    Now I am the last semester of Med/Sug, and plan to graduate with ASN this May.
    But I got a result of the first exam and it was not good enough to pass....
    I know I have 3 chances to improve my score, and I have survived the tough study and clinical for 3 semesters somehow.

    But now I do not have much energy left.
    This is "Home stretch", maybe....

    Does someone give me encouragement to survive the nursing school?
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  3. by   shoegalRN
    I'll try to help. I'm in my FIRST semester of nursing school and I may not be qualified to give advice, but I will say just please stay on top of it! You can make it! I know how you feel because when I was finishing my AS prior to entering the BSN nursing program, I had ONE more class to complete and it was Math. I hate Math and just feel like I could do the bare minimum to get by. Well, I ended up with a C- that don't transfer and needless to say, I had to take the class all over, delaying my entry into the BSN program. Please don't do that. I know you are tired because it's the LAST semester, but please try to muster the energy up from somewhere to try to give it your all as you did in your prior semesters. You can rest when you graduate!

    Good luck to you and you can make it!
  4. by   flowery
    Dear nurse2be09

    I am happy you shared your hard experience in Math class with me. Today I had my med/surg clinical rotation and we talked about our grade. To tell the truth, I thought I might withdraw the class and try it again, but I realized that I should not throw my chance to pass (somehow) voluntarily. When you work harder and harder then you realize that that is your limit, that is time to consider if you withdraw or not. By reading your response and by talking my classmates, my energy comes back a little. As I was in the med/surg floor, I want to be a nurse while working with patients.
    That is an excellent source of my energy,too.
    Thank you for your thoughtful encouragement!!
  5. by   shoegalRN
    You are welcome! Remember, sometimes it's just best if you step back and regroup, then your energy will come back! I'm a firm believer of taking a class once and for all (with the exception of math that I dropped several times before I realized there was no way around it).

    I know it gets anxious when the end is near, but don't let that anxiety take over.

    Good luck to you!