Homeostasis - Is this right?

  1. I know I should know this... I am drawing a blank...

    Q - Osmometer cells in the brain sense and increase in the concentration of plasma. This information is sent to the hypothalamus, which notifies the pituitary gland to release the hormone ADH. ADH causes the kidney to save water, which lowers the concentration of the plasma. Identify the elements of a feedback loop in this scenario. Is this a positive or a negative feedback loop? Explain your answer.

    A - This is a negative feedback loop
    Stimulus - ADH hormone
    Receptor - hypothalamus???
    Control Center - osmomoter cells
    Effector - Plasma
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  3. by   Mossback
    Seems to me it should be as follows:

    Negative feedback loop
    Stimulus - Concentration of plasma
    Receptor - Osmometer cells
    Control Center - Hypothalamus
    Effector - ADH