Hi everyone!!

  1. I have been lurking around this board for a while so I guess I should introduce myself. I am 21 years old and I am a junior in a BSN program. At my school you don't start taking nursing courses until your junior year, so last semester I was when I really found out what nursing school was all about. You can hear from others what it is going to be like and how much work it is going to be but you really don't understand until you are actually experiencing it. Last semester was very stressful for me and I wish I had come to this board for support because it is hard to make others that are not in nursing understand exactly what you are going through. Well anyways, good luck to everyone that starts school this week (tomorrow is my first day) and I am looking forward to conversing with you all this semester!!!
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  3. by   zacarias
    Hey Km!

    Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm a 23 y/o male starting my 2nd quarter in an ADN program. 1st quarter was a shock as it was a kind of schooling I had never had before. So far 2nd quarter, seems like it's gonna be so much better although clinicals haven't started yet.
    I read your post on medical school and it was interesting to me as I've also considered med school. I personally don't think I could ever afford it and the rigors of med school would kill me mentally I think! I have plenty of time to decide I suppose .
    Look forward to more of your posts.