Here's whats been happening in my world...

  1. I have been pretty busy with school, so, even though I check the bb everyday, I haven't been replying much.

    NS is going great! It, of couse, is more than I want to handle, but so good.

    Our 1st Fundamentals test was on Tues. I made 28/30!! A LOT of people bombed it. I feel bad for them. I knew I had to get at least 23/30 to pass (75%) and figured I might make it. I was SHOCKED to see my score! My good friend, who is a great support, got one less than me. I am so happy for her, since she was feeling overwhelmed (you know...where you start thinking of all the other jobs you could do that in reality would suck). We are both stoked and looking forward to moving along!

    My first Pharm test was 47/50! Woohoo!

    We have done a lot in clinical lab (not at the clinical site till next week so we do skills checkoff for clinical at the school lab). I have an awesome instructor! We have done the basics...bathing, bedmaking, ADL's, meds.
    Well today was parenteral meds. SHOTS I'm not so afraid of getting shots anymore (sure I still get nervous, maybe a teeny anxious, but no upset tummy) but the sight of the needle is what gets me. I was quite nervous studying last night. I went to bed and prayed. I needed some help here, and I gave my worries up. I woke up and wasn't nervous anymore. Actually, I didn't even really think about the needles and my reaction. Quite amazing! I did my skills, got signed off and even remembered to aspirate! I am actually looking forward to giving one now. That is, until I am given the opportunity. :chuckle We'll see...

    Lots to study this week, paper due on Thurs at 1st clinical. 8 more chapters to read for Pharm, don't even know how many for Fund. or lab.

    But I will keep trudging through it all. I am so excited that I haven't wanted to quit (yet!!!). :roll

    Now watch me fail my med calc and get the boot!

    Keep on, keeping on!

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  3. by   stressgal
    Sounds like it's going great!
    Stay the course and keep us posted.
  4. by   jillyk*rn
    it sounds like things are going great .

    keep up the good work and keep praying:angel2: .

    don't forget to keep us up to date too.