Help with family centred nursing dx

  1. I am doing a paper with a partner (stupid, i know) but whatever. anyway, we had to interview a family and come up with nursing diagnosis that aren't specified for an individual problem but as a family.
    So anyway, we then have to create a health promotion plan for each

    R.S - father
    L.S - mother
    M.S - daughter of L.S
    K.S - daugther of R.S

    and my diagnosis is

    1) Compromised family coping related to situational crisis of R.S secondary to gambling aeb L.S, K.S and M.S state they feel R.S spends more time at casino than at home and R.S is absent when support and encouragement is needed.

    and my partners dx is:

    2) Parental role conflict related to change in marital status as evidence by M.S. stating she is uncomfortable around R.S. and K.S. stating there is tension in the house.

    but I don't understand her diagnosis.since this is a partner paper and worth 40% of my mark i would REALLY appreciate some feedback.
    i just don't understand how her as evidence by related to the problem or parental role conflict?

    thanks for any feedback!! help please
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