Help! Which route should I take?

  1. I am just now working on my pre reqs for nursing school. I am planning on paying for my schooling with Stafford loans. I am most interested in mother/baby or NICU positions. I have only found one hospital in the area willing to do a loan repayment program and if I sign up I only have to do one year of service with them. The problem is that this is a rehabilitation hospital dealing mainly with injuries common in sports careers. I have heard that in this type of field you don't get to deal with alot of the things you would deal with in a higher acuity area and I don't want my lack of certain experiences to hinder me when the year is up. Should I consider this or should I just try to deal with student loans and work as much as I can to supplement them that way when I get out I can work my way into the programs that I know I am interested in?
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