1. Hi I wanted to know if someone could please tell me a list of things that I should know for both school and NCLEX as far as studying is concerned... I am super nervous and I am starting to find that after each term I DON'T remeber everything I learned in the last so I am scared that when it's time to take the exit exam for my school (which they say is harder than the NCLEX) and then the NCLEX that I won't pass because I am not retaining things onto the next term and memorizing things to the T. I don't know if anyone here has ever felt this way... not to mention my teachers aren't the best either.. that's no excuse which is why I am taking it in my own hands to figure out a way to compose a list of what I need to know! Does anyone have notes out there that they have done that are willing to share etc please any and everything will help! Next term is pharmacology, human assessment, and foudnations 4 for us and then after that starting in February 2017 we start Med-Surg I Once again thank you everyone in advance!
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