HELP-Info for Sudden vision loss

  1. I am a cna student - entering RN nursing program this fall.

    My son (17) came down with the flu this morning - with the diah. and some really severe vomiting. After the latest round he came and sat next to me on the couch and said he didn't feel good.

    He was really pale and listless so I checked his temp- 98.9
    His head lolled forward and his body followed, I pushed him back on the couch and

    he said he couldn't see. Everything was black.

    His pupils were totally dialated and he was white -absolutely no color- even his lips.

    I called our doctor to see which hospital to take him to - now 2 minutes elapsed and still no vision.

    Breifed doctor on stats and he chuckled and said "Isn't the human body FUN???" -NOT the best thing to say to a panic stricken mom.

    Said it was a vagel(?sp?) His eyes got congested from the violent vomiting, to lay him down flat. By this time, Alex could see outlines and pupils were contracting again. By the time I got off the phone, Alex could see again, and there he lies in my living room where I can watch him. Total blindness time: 6 minutes + 2 min. partial sight.

    Can someone tell me more of what happened? I have been trying to find something on the internet, but obviously am not using the correct search information.
    a worried but grateful mom
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    Please see responses in your other thread, and please take your son to the doc. We cannot diagnose and treat over the internet.

  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    Sorry, I don't feel that I have the experience or knowledge to give you any answers. I saw on your other post that you are taking him to the ER. I hope he is doing ok, and that it turns out to be nothing serious. Thoughts and prayers to you and your son. Please post an update when you can.
  5. by   NCLauree
    I didn't get any responses for (it seemed at the time) a long while to my first post-

    so I thought that maybe others (Student nurses) who where in the study-mode, and maybe have more resources to check, would have an idea of where to look on the internet for information on vagelling.

    I wasn't looking for diagnoses or treatments, just some informational help to plug into a search engine. I already had talked to our family doctor.He didn't think we needed to go to the ER,

    BUT the opthamolgist did, so we went. The CAT scan was neg., they gave him fluids and a shot to stop the vomiting. He is sleeping now and I have to get ready for a night class.
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    Glad to hear that your son is ok. It's still a good thing that you took him in to the ER, better safe than sorry. Hope he's feelinng better soon.