HELP! i need a topic for a group presentation for school

  1. can someone please help me? i need a topic for a group presentation due in 2 weeks. the topic has to be an issue related to nurses and nursing in general. it clearly has to have 2 sides to the issue. examples are euthenasia and abortion. all the obvious ones like that are taken. i need a topic for my group QUICK!
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  3. by   cakarol
    I just did a project like that and I did infertility drugs/technology - good or bad??

    some other people did:
    home health care vs nursing homes
    breast feeding vs bottle
    horomone replacement therapy pro/con
    teen rebelion normal or not?
    ADD - medicate or not
    teen pregnancy

    hope this helps!!!! if you need any ideas once you pick your topic let me know...i may be able to help since our class just did some of these...

    good luck